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Bluetooth connectivity, for example, seamless connectivity via Bluetooth and mobile phone, drivers can use the speakerphone in the car make and receive phone, SYNC system will auto-sensing and get Bluetooth phone's music, allowing the driver to listen to the most love the classics.Beijing, Guangzhou and exhibition in 2012, Andrews platform, voice control and 360-degree panorama, whether by the favor and attention of manufacturers and media, the products of various manufacturers, what is different, small series for you 11 inventory.As a platform for the display China LONG ARM CABLE CUTTER suppliers of the latest technological achievements exhibition for manufacturers and merchants, can bring direct trading and order; for the industry as a whole, is the development of the industry tend to weathervane.  

All the manufacturers whom do all we can to publicize and promote several major achievements bmw dvd behind the terminal owners of driving traffic is the most basic needs - security is still hidden, and on this basis the demand for intelligent car electronic development and production of manufacturers is also to grasp the owners of their consumer psychology, and related products and technology development.Today, the two exhibitions on the first half of 2012 has ended after another in a noisy; However, the exhibition brings the talk and thinking is far from over. Show results according to the just-concluded 2012 Guangzhou and Beijing, the two largest exhibition the Andrews platform, voice voice with a 360-degree panoramic view, and show new car daytime running lights are the most eye-catching car electronics exhibition and the most prominent bright spot, a lot of popular focus for major manufacturers.3 so I feel, Cn is also working in this direction to develop, and will get better and better.SYNC Bluetooth connection, the USB cable connection technology, the new generation Ford Focus can be connected to and manipulation of playback devices such as mobile phone, iPod, USB and other portable devices and media, to provide more communication to the consumer, entertainment, fun.

SYNC Bluetooth connection, the USB cable connection technology, the new generation Ford Focus can be connected to and manipulations                                  Riders navigation requirements, Therefore, the requirements simultaneously improve the navigation display, 3D map ultimately will become a trend, which is standing on the technical aspects of the argument, in the man-machine combination of requirements able to provide users with a variety of navigation mode selection gives the user navigation experience is the most important lines pass V5.Car navigation for sale is not a technical, but to serve, which developers better for the user is envisaged that more closer to the user, that is the ultimate winner in the fierce navigation market, the transformation of Cn V5.      

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