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There are thirteen programs in the first season, and some of the best actors will likely not be in the second season, except in flashbacks. So it is with Damages, the TV series that has allowed Glenn Close to receive an Emmy and Golden Globe for her starring role.     I recommend investing in a TV that supports high definition so you can enjoy Damages in the highest quality sound and picture. If you miss even a minute of this show, you are likely to miss a key plot development. It becomes a problem which leaves you craving more. A superior block of programming in both digital and hi-def is available from my local Comcast Cable provider. You never know who will return for the next in the series. Comcast provides outstanding Digital Voice and High-Speed Internet service as well.  

And then Ellen Parsons, played by Rose Byrne, shows up.Glenn Close plays Patty Hewes, the lawyer from Hewes and Associates. I located the best promotion on the Internet. This service is much faster than my old one and I can look up my favorite shows while downloading all I want at lightning fast speed. The characters constantly evolve and the performances by the actors are great. Also, be ready to lose at least one of your favorite characters.            I would highly recommend Comcast to anyone who is looking for Digital Phone service at a flat-rate LONG ARM CABLE CUTTER suppliers fee, HD digital television, or fast broadband High Speed Internet service.One suggestion I have for viewers, I've been shocked to discover how much more enjoyment I have when viewing Damages via HD. Several of the writers and actors have received various nominations for the show. She's a recent graduate who many firms scout, but prefers to work for Patty Hewes. You need to keep your eyes peeled at all times.                                  

Being addicted is a horrible situation.Now, I ask will my addiction continue? Is it possible for material of this caliber to continue being produced? Could there be enough plot surprises to sustain any more seasons? We can only hope! If the people behind Damages can't keep up the outstanding quality that they've maintained so far, TV will lose one of its most promising shows in decades. Plus, with Comcast Digital Voice I can make crystal clear calls nationwide with out paying long distance charges. Characters come and go and you are expected to remember them. Once more, she excels at playing the part of a person whom we love to despise. The Comcast HD Triple Play allows me to have three awesome products for one low monthly price. You must remain focused to keep up with the twisting storyline as it develops. Take for example the moment in the shows beginning episode when Ray Fiske examines the collar worn by Saffron.Damages mixes things that happened in the past, and things that are going to happen along with the current storyline. While their personalities are disparate, they agree that they'll never be controlled by anyone else.  

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