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Guillotine paper cutters have developedsomething of a dangerous Hydraulic Cable Cutters Company reputation. Because they are equipped withextremely sharp blades and exert substantial force, they are effectivein getting things done. The same features that make paper cutterseffective also make them dangerous. Because of these things, accidentsinvolving these paper cutters do occur from time to time. Paper cuttersare available in more styles than you can possibly imagine. There areliterally hundreds of styles of available. Not all paper cutters arebuilt the same-especially when it comes to quality and safety. If youare considering purchasing this type of paper cutter, you can read thisarticle for some information on critical safety features of theguillotine paper cutter.  
Blade Guard  The blade guard is, by far, the most importantsafety feature available on guillotine cutters. Surprisingly, manypeople remove the safety guard when they use the cutter. While theguard may be a little obtrusive, working without fingers is far moretroublesome. Sometimes the blade guard is a metal bar positioned closeto blade, but superior blade guards are made of plastic and willprevent users from getting their fingers near the blade on either sideof the paper cutter. Blade Latch The blade latch locks the blade down when youare not using the cutter. It is usually a small wire that simply hooksover the handle. Sometimes it's a piece of metal connected to thebottom of the handle. The purpose of the blade latch is to keep theblade down so that no one accidentally or impulsively grabs, strokes,or touches the blade.  
Obviously any of these could result in a seriousand potentially life-altering injury that could have been prevented bysimply exercising some caution and common sense. Tension Spring All guillotine paper cutters should beequipped with tension springs. The tension spring is attached to theback of the blade and is engineered to prevent the blade from rushingdown when the handle is released. Guillotine cutters without thisspring live up to their name, guillotine, and are very, very dangerous.You should never operate a paper cutter that has no tension spring. Itis literally an accident waiting to happen. No paper cutting task isworth losing a digit over. If your cutter has no tension spring, putthe cutter in a safe and secure location until the tension spring canbe replaced. The biggest single factor in guillotine paper cutter safety is theuser. There is simply no substitute for good common sense. Do not use apaper cutter when you are distracted or when you cannot give your fullattention to the task at hand. Even paper cutters with safety featurescan still cause accidents.

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